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Updated: 16 Jan 99

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Picture of Christina-Apr 1998

Since I am adding new information and pages all the time, I will use this page to indicate when and where updates have occurred on my site during the past 30 days.

  • Jan 16 - The "Update" page has the latest about upcoming services to be held for our daughter this week. Click on the "event" to get more detailed information.
  • Jan 14 - The latest information about the remains that was discovered near our house can be found at the "Media info" page.
  • Jan 13 - The FBI is trying to determine the identity of a body that has been found about 3 miles from our house. The "Media info" page has additional information.
  • Jan 10 - Added update on the "Media info" page concerning a very large article in the "Monterey Herald" the local county newspaper. In addition, just found out the tomorrow (11 Jan) the "Leeza show" will show the update that they taped prior to Christmas.
  • The FBI tipline (1-800-671-3343) is up, except for the 831 area code (Monterey County).
  • Jan 6,7 - Added update on the "Media info" page concerning a very large media update about Christina in The Philippines. In addition, there is a release date for the upcoming article in the "Ladies Home Journal" article.
  • Added an upcoming event for Jan 12th on the "Update" page.
  • Dec 15 - Added information about interviews that we have done in the past week. Also the latest info about the "Leeza" show on the "Media info" page.
  • Dec 8 - Added information about being interviewed by a French TV program and about the "Leeza" show doing an update about Christina on the "Media info" page.
  • The FBI Hotline number is no longer in service. I have replaced the number with the Polly Klaas Foundation Hotline number. All tips called to that number will be passed along to the FBI. Also, anyone can e-mail me information if they desire.
  • Nov 30 - Added a new section to the "Links" page, dealing with other personal missing children sites simular to my site here. Also added another Child Safety site "ID for Life".