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Picture of Christina-Nov 1997

As a Chief Petty Officer in the Navy, we live in military housing on the Presidio of Monterey Annex Military Base in Seaside, Ca. Not only was Christina abducted while walking her dog about 100 yards from our house on the military base, but in addition, I was not home at my normal time as I was representing the Navy at an "Oceans Fair" in Monterey. This Fair was in conjunction with the "National Oceans Conference" which both President Clinton and Vice President Gore attended. President Clinton was even in the area within a few hours of Christina's abduction.

The local military commands have been extremely helpful in their assistance. In addition, both the "Master Chief of the Navy" (top enlisted advisor in the Navy) and the "Secretary of Defense" (Mr. Cohen) were kind enough to call us and offer their assistance after we appeared on the "Larry King Live" Show. However, since then I have tried to get the military to do the following to help us out to no avail:

  • Have a message sent to all military commands to:
    • Have each base review their security measures to ensure all precautions are in place to prevent this from happening again to any child.
    • Ensure all commands are made aware of Christina's situation.
  • Have Christina's poster placed at all military bases.

All of the above costs virtually nothing, yet so far nothing has happened. The message is "in routing" (for the past 2 months) and nothing has been done to place flyers at bases. I do not believe I am asking too much. After all it is my daughter's life I am talking about. Yet the senior officers in Washington seems to feel that if they ignore the problem it will go away. Well, I will fight forever to have my daughter returned safely to us. I ask everyone who reads this to write, e-mail or call their congressman and ask them to have the military do the things I have mentioned-to do the right thing. I ask everyone have their friends write. Let's show Congress the power of the Internet. Please, for my daughter her.

This link has the telephone numbers, mail and E-mail address for each Congressman. To send an e-mail, input your state and zip code. After entering your address, a form to send an e-mail will appear. Just fill it in and send.

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