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"Evil thrives when good men do nothing"
- Touched by an Angel
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Picture of Christina-Apr 1998


28 Mar 01 - Well friends, I am sorry it has taken so long to update this site, but not much has happened with the investigation. I have talked to the FBI agent on the case and he is working on a few things, however, no breakthroughs as of yet. I have complete faith in the FBI that they are doing everything to solve this case. One thing I would like to stress is that in my belief in God I know that if He wants the person(s) caught, that they will be - in his perfect timing. That may be hard for some to accept, but I trust in Him totally. God has done a remakable work in my families through this tragedy.

- As far as what is happening to us, we are planning on moving. As most of you have seen from my updates to the site that our daughter has a wonderful family with a beautiful 10 month old daughter - our granddaughter. After they visited with us during the holidays, we realized that we need to be part of their lives. As a result, we will be moving to Florida around the beginning of Jun. Our children has always been our priority in life and with the loss of our youngest daughter Christina, it has left a tremendous void in our lives. To have our family together where we can be a part of all of our children's lives along with our granddaughter means so much to us, and Christina will be there too, as she always is - in our heart. The foundation will continue here in Central California as we have wonderful volunteers to keep it going, but God has shown us where we are suppose to be....

12 Jun 00 - It is 8:45 pm - two years ago to the hour I returned home from representing the Navy at an Oceans Fair which was associated with the National Oceans Conference held in Monterey. President Clinton gave a speech about the results of the conference at 3:30 that afternoon. I came home to find my wife at the doorstep extremely concerned, our youngest daughter Christina had not returned from walking her dog. She left at 7:30 and was always back within 20 minutes. My wife found Christina's dog "Greg" at 8:15, trailing his leash. My son was riding his bike in the neighborhood, looking for his sister. I knew my daughter - I knew something was terribly wrong.
So began an ordeal that no parent should ever go through. I still find it so very difficult thinking about that night, and the days and nights that came and went. Our world stopped, the only thing that mattered was Christina. For seven months, lonely months, which the only people that understood were other parents who also had abducted children. Some names we are familiar with; Klaas, Walsh, and some not so familiar; Schwartz, Conrad, Smith. Not one family ever expected it to happen, but they were put into a situation no family should ever have to experience. For some, their search has ended like ours. For others, they remain in a world so alone, always searching, always hoping their child, their beautiful child will return safely into their loving arms. No matter how long their child has been missing, they will never stop searching, never give up, how can any parent ever give up. I know we would have searched for the rest of our lives , how can any parent not?
Yes, it has been two years, for us, if it wasn't for the grace of God, we would not have made it. But through death, there is life - my oldest daughter who got married over a year ago, just had her first child, our first grandchild - a girl, Catherine Marie... born 5 May. We know she can never replace Christina, she isn't meant too, but her birth has helped heal, and partially fill our heart that has been so empty...
I have added some new pictures. First of our granddaughter Catherine Marie. Also a couple pictures of the memorial site that the City of Marina built on May 1, 1999. In addition, I found a couple of pictures of her friends while she was in Japan.
- Investigation - I have nothing new to report other than the FBI continues to work on the case. There are some new leads, but unless they find a connection, they are just leads...
- Guestbook - First I am amazed that so many people are still coming to this site, let alone taking the time to read/sign the Guestbook. Thank you... it means a lot to all of us to see people who obviously care. And no, I never get tired of getting guestbook entries. The original intent of the Guestbook, or this site for that matter was it spread the word about Christina so that she would be found and returned safely to our loving arms. Even though her remains were found in January, I decided to leave the site up (and will continue to do so) not only so I can give updates about Christina's case and the direction I am headed, but also as a open forum for missing children in general. I read all the comments and truly appreciate them. If anyone has additional suggestions please do not hesitate to e-mail me.

1 May 00 - Happy 15th Birthday my dear daughter. Your family and friends miss and love you so very much. Continue to watch over and guide all of us, until we meet again. - kiss -

This section was written while Christina was missing and then updated after her remains were found. It still remains vaild since we need to find the people who did this, but it also shows how we felt at the time.

On June 12th at 7:30 PM Christina left her house on the old Ft. Ord Army Base in Seaside, Ca, to walk her dog "Greg". She did not return, however Greg returned at 8:20 PM trailing his leash. Christina's case was classified as a stranger abduction by the FBI. Two men in an older model "primer gray" Ford Granada or Mercury Monarch were seen in the area prior to the abduction, and a witness saw a "frightened" Christina in the same car with two men at about 7:45 PM.

Exactly seven months later on January 12th, a body was found about 3 miles from our house. Two days later it was determined to be our daughter. Alice and I wish to thank everyone who has given us support during the past months. Although, we are trying to pick up the pieces of our lives, it continues to be very difficult.

Even though the abduction occurred in Central California, The suspects might be anywhere in the United States. I ask each and every one of you to help us find them and bring justice to the people who have committed this crime to our daughter. Keep an eye out for the suspects or the car. If you see anyone that even looks a little like them or the car (try to get a license plate number), call the FBI or your local police. Don't assume that it can't be them because it is too far away from Seaside, or that the FBI already has the information.

If you have any information about the suspects, or the car,
Please call:
Polly Klaas Foundation Hotline: 1-800-587-4357
or FBI tipline at 1-800-671-3343

There is a $100,000 Reward

This has been the most traumatic and difficult situation we have ever faced, nothing even comes close. Yet, I am sure it pales in comparison to what Christina went through. These types of crimes should never be allowed to occur. We must find a way to prevent this from happening to even one more child.

Through this extremely difficult ordeal, many people from all walks of life, races and religions have come forward to assist us. If it were not for this tremendous outpouring of support, I do not believe we would have made it this far. From a simple handshake, hug, and e-mail, to prayers for the safe return of Christina, to donating time by helping to pass out flyers or man the volunteer line, it has meant so much to us and continues to give us the strength to continue. We wish to thank everyone who has given so much of themselves.
...We miss and love our daughter very much.

My daughter was a very special, caring and loving person in life. Although the miracle we was praying for did not happen, there are miracles in progress.

  • First, this has also changed my family's lives, all of us will never be the same. In addition, it has changed my life in another more profond way. On Oct 18th, I gave my life to Christ. Not only has the Lord given me the strength and insight to get through the past months, but he has laid out a path for me that will help protect children.
  • Second, this community has changed. Never has this community come together as it has now. Moreover, this has also changed people from around the world as can be seen in the guestbook entries and e-mails I have received. Through her death she has touched tens of thousands of lives.
  • Our daughter's abduction and murder has affected so many people from all over the world. Christina lives in us all and her death will not be in vain. Through my daughter is my path, a path to change the world and make it a safer place for all of our children. We can not allow crimes against our children to continue. A year from now on my wife's birthday, I do not want her to be in despair that her daughter was identified a year earlier on that day. Although tears will come, I want her to look back at all of the positive changes that have occured in Christina's name. Help me along this path, help make a difference, help protect our children....