Christina Williams Foundation for Families

Picture of Christina-Apr 1998

The "Christina Williams Foundation for Families" (CWFF) is a non-profit organization dealing with the prevention, awareness and assistance of missing persons. One of the main features of the foundation is the "Life-Search" program which uses the latest technology to enhance identification procedures using computer technology to assist law enforcement when a person is missing. In addition, the following are some other highlights of the foundation:

  • Assist families of missing persons.
  • Ensure programs such as the "Amber Alert", a procedure that some counties in Texas use once a child is considered "at-risk", becomes part of standard procedures throughout the nation.
  • Establish local programs that help enhance the safety of our neighborhoods.
  • Establish a "Family Integrity" concept by helping families increase communication between family members, with the goal of reducing runaways.

    If you have any questions, comments or suggestions about the Christina Williams Foundation for Families please contact us at:

  • Michael Williams - Chairman
  • Jim Vierra - Executive Director
  • Thomas Kueneman - Director of Public Relations
  • Blake Nelson - Chief Financial Officer
  • Ted Stilwell - Director of Marketing

    Call toll free: (877) 615-5433
    Mail: Christina Williams Foundation for Families, Box 948, Marina, CA 93933

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