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Updated: 13 Jan 99

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Picture of Christina-Nov 1997

I will use this page to give personal comments or updates about anything related to the case or this Web site.

  • Jan 13 - As most of you now know a body was found about 3 miles from our house yesterday. After over 24 hours the FBI has not been able to positively identify who it is (links to updates can be found on the "Media info" page). The remains appear to have been there for a long time. Obviously the past 24 hours has been so very difficult for us, but we appreciate all the guestbook entries and e-mails. There are about 100 media people here covering the story. Although it may be our daughter, we remain hopeful that it isn't. However, it is someone. Let us pray for the family of this unidentified person.
  • Jan 7 - How important is the Internet and media? Today a newspaper in The Philippines did an article about Christina (see "Media info" page). Within 12 hours there was over 1,500 visitors to this site and over 100 e-mails or guestbook entries from The Philippines. In addition, a Philippine TV network called and did a phone interview with both Alice and myself. The media is the most powerful way to get our daughter's information out to the world. But the Internet is becoming just as powerful. This was the busiest day for my site with nearly 5,000 visitors and 17,000 hits. To feel the spirit of so many caring people, seven months after Christina disappeared, YOU all have given us so much strength today. Let's keep the pressure on. We WILL get THE e-mail or phone call that will make the difference, it is just a matter of time. There is someone out there who has seen Christina or the kidnappers and who knows where they are. We know our daughtera will be brought back safely to us.
  • Dec 29 - I am sorry that I haven't updated this site in a while, but the holiday season took it's toll on us. We were so hopeful that we would receive a miracle. Miracles do happen, the greatest of which was when Jesus was born and gave the world what it was in desperate need of, love, hope and something to believe in. Although our situation remains unresolved, our family sincerely appreciates all that everyone has done to help us. You not only have given us your love and hope which has helped to keep us strong, but more importantly, you give us something to believe in, that our miracle will come. God bless you.
  • During this holiday season, please take a moment to pray for a miracle for all the other missing children and their families throughout the world.
  • Investigation status: The FBI remains hard at work on our case and continues to follow-up on a couple of good leads, but as I stated before, until a connection is made to our daughter's abduction, they are just leads. Since the onset there have been a number of sightings of individuals who resemble either Christina or the suspects. Nearly all have been determined to be look-a-likes, however, there has been a couple of sighting along the east coast that remains unresolved. All of them place individuals that resemble Christina together with one or both suspects, and in each case the person who resembles Christina did not appear to be acting of her own free will. We remain very hopeful.
  • Dec 12 - 6 months since our daughter disappeared. The only reason we have made it this far is our belief in God, knowing the Lord is taking care of Christina and will reveal her whereabouts, in his time. She will be returned safely to us, we believe that.
  • I would like to take this opportunity to thank some very special people:
    • The volunteers, so many of you from not only the Monterey area, but also around the nation. You have given so much of yourselves. Your dedication and willingness to help us.... help Christina is amazing. Without you, we would not have been able to make it this far. Although we can never repay you, Alice and are forever grateful and we sincerely thank you. God bless.
    • Although I have not had the time to personally send a response to the hundreds of people from around the world that has taken the time to sign our guestbook or e-mailed us, I wish to do so now. The concern and prayers you have offered has been so very helpful, we wish to thank each and every one of you from the bottom of our hearts.
    • I want to give a special thanks to the students and teachers of Niel C. Kinnick High School in Yokosuka, Japan. As is the traditional symbol of hope in Japan, the students made and strung together 1000 origami cranes during their recess and lunch. These cranes are proudly hanging from the walls of our house and will do so till Christina returns. We are so overwhelmed by what you have done in showing your support for a former classmate. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
  • Attended a tree lighting ceremony at a local shopping center that will be used as a fund raiser for the "Drive Across America" See the "Latest info" page for further information.
  • Dec 9 - The Vanished Children's Alliance invited me (along with 3 other families of missing children) to attend a symposium about victims of violent crimes, as part of a prison inmate rehabilitation program at Solano Prison in Vacaville, Ca. I was able to talk to about 100 inmates concerning Christina. Nearly everyone there offered their assistance in helping to get any information within the "prison network" about our daughter.
  • Nov 30 - We have been in our own personal nightmare for the past 5 1/2 months and I still can not imagine anything more difficult for a family to deal with. But there are other children/young adults that are also missing. I have added a section on the "Links" page for other personal Web sites for missing children/young adults that have been made by family or friends. Please take a moment to visit them, you may be the one who will make all the difference in the world.
  • Nov 28 - I have had a number of questions e-mailed to me concerning the case, let me answer a few of them:
    • Status of the investigation - We get updated at least once per week and all I can say is that the FBI continues to work very hard on the case and follow leads everyday. Occasionally, there are some leads that look pretty good, however, until a connection is made to the case, it is just another lead... The FBI has been working on a couple of "good" leads but as of yet, they remain unresolved.
    • License plate - The license plate on the car that was probably involved was an old California plate, blue background with gold letters.
    • Jewelery that she might have worn - we believe she wore a silver heart-shaped ring and silver "dolphin" earrings the day she disappeared.
    • What cities and towns the "Drive Across America" will be stopping at - I added a tentative schedule to the "Latest info" page.

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