In Memory of our Daughter


"Evil thrives when good men do nothing"
- Touched by an Angel

Christina's tragedy touched so many lives throughout the world, obviously for us it was the most difficult thing we have ever faced, yet, it continues to happen. On the average there is nearly one child abducted by a stanger everyday in the United States. Please take a moment to pray for their safe return. In addition, help keep watch over all our children, if you see anything suspicious, please take action.

Picture of Christina-Apr 1998

Our daughter Christina was was abducted on Jun 12, 1998, her remains were found seven months later. The FBI is handling it as a homicide and continues to actively persue the case. We miss our daughter dearly.

    There are three main areas to this site.

    Our Home page about Christina Updated: 28 Mar 01
    I originally established this site in September 1998 to let people know what happened to our daughter Christina, what they could do to help, but most of all in the hope that someone would find her safe. Although, the miracle we prayed for did not happen, I have left this site up to give a lasting impression as to the extreme difficulties families face when a their child becomes missing.

    In addition, I also have updates to the investigation, along with what is happening in our lives. Please feel free to browse this site and be touched by my someone you have never meet, our daughter Christina.

    Normally a guestbook would not be considered a main area to a web site, however, I have received over 5500 entries from all over the world. This has touched my wife and I so deeply, and I invite you to take a look at them.

    Please take a look at this beautiful quilt made by a wonderful women named Dixie. I go there occasionally when I want to think about Christina. In addition, Dixie's web site makes quilts for other children who have passed on - it is an amazing site. Spreading Smiles.

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